July 23, 2024

Josh Eli

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19 African Artworks That Encourage Me To Be Iyoba (Creative)


Creativity is in our DNA, and it’s made manifest in the artwork of the African continent. There’s a certain quality to this work that I can’t quite place but that always calls out to me. It encourages me to be creative and inspires me as an artist. Here are some of my favorite African artists whose work inspires me:

Beaded art by Ejikeme

Ejikeme is a Nigerian artist who uses beadwork to create stunning pieces of art. The Yoruba culture inspires her work, and she draws inspiration from the patterns, colors and designs of traditional Yoruba fabrics. In addition to being an artist, Ejikeme also teaches art classes at the University of Lagos in Nigeria.

She says that “Iyoba” means “a creative person.”

Afrocentric art by Ochuko

Ochuko’s art is inspired by African culture and traditions, as well as by African spirituality and mythology. The artist uses her work to explore the concepts of duality, harmony and balance in nature.

Her paintings feature intricate patterns that represent different aspects of life on earth: waterfalls flowing into rivers; trees growing out of mountains; caterpillars turning into butterflies or cocoons transforming into moths; snakes shedding their skin before they become new creatures again… Ochuko’s work can be found at the Smithsonian National Museum Of African Art in Washington DC where she has been exhibiting since 2010!

Sculptures by Chinelo Onwualu

I’m looking at the sculptures of Chinelo Onwualu, a Nigerian artist who has made a name for herself in the art world. She is known for her sculptures, which are often inspired by the Yoruba religion.

I love how these pieces make me think about life and death–and how we all must go through both at some point in our existence on earth.

Painting by Sefeu Tenga

Sefeu Tenga is a Nigerian artist known for his abstract paintings, which are influenced by the traditional Yoruba art form known as Adire. He also incorporates elements of cubism into his work.

Masks by Ndidi Inyangom

Ndidi Inyangom is a mask maker from Nigeria. She is a member of the Igbo people, who make masks as part of their traditional culture. Her masks are made out of wood, clay and cow dung.

Enameled jewelry by Abena Kwaku

  • Abena Kwaku is a Ghanaian artist who uses enamel to create beautiful jewelry.
  • Her work is inspired by nature and her favorite color is blue.
  • She’s a member of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), which means she’s been recognized for her talent in the art world!

Wooden dolls by Kgosiemang Tsebele II

Iyoba is a word that means “creative” in the Nigerian language of Igbo. It’s also the name of this blog, which was created to share my love for African art and culture.

This week I’m showcasing some work by Kgosiemang Tsebele II, an artist from Botswana whose work combines traditional and modern styles. He uses materials like wood, glass beads and wire mesh to create his sculptures–and they’re amazing! If you look closely at each piece you’ll notice details like birds flying above trees or insects crawling along branches. The colors are bold but not overwhelming; they complement each other beautifully while still standing out on their own merits too!

Painted and beaded artwork by Zebbie Edwards, otherwise known as the Hausa Artiste.

Zebbie Edwards is a Nigerian artist who uses colorful beads, stones and leather to create his artwork. He draws inspiration from the Hausa culture, which is centered on life in northern Nigeria and southern Niger. In addition to being an artist, Zebbie is also a musician who sings about the history of his people.

As an Iyoba (creative person), I love looking at all kinds of art–and there’s something special about African art! It makes me feel connected with my culture while also inspiring me to create new things myself.

Iyoba (Creativity) is a beautiful thing.

Iyoba (Creativity) is a beautiful thing. It’s not just an art form, but also a way of life. Creativity allows us to explore ourselves and the world around us in new ways that we may never have thought possible before.

Iyoba encourages me to be creative because it shows how important it is for us as humans to express ourselves through our own unique styles and perspectives on life. The way each artist interprets this theme can be very different from person-to-person or even country-to-country!


Iyoba is a beautiful thing. It’s important to remember that you can find it in many places, even if you don’t think those places exist! We hope this list has inspired you to create something beautiful of your own, or at least encouraged you to explore what creativity means for yourself.